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Are you planning something out-of-the-box for your next getaway? Booking a treehouse for your stay is as unique as a vacation can get in the UK.

Luckily, Britain has some jaw-dropping sites boasting stunning treehouse accommodations in all price ranges. And we have scoured the internet to compile a list of the same.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on and unveil the ultimate list of the best 18 treehouse stay in the UK!

Top 3 Treehouse Stay in the UK

Heated Treehouse in Secluded Acre Field: Cheapest Yet High Quality

The Heated Treehouse in Secluded Acre Field is a majestic lodging in Oswestry, perfect for nature lovers.

The exterior is nothing extravagant, though the surrounding trees and the greenery beneath the Treehouse give it a lavish appeal. The inside boasts a king-size double bed and a futon that converts to another double bed, perfect for up to 4 people.

This cozy hideout has a rustic interior, and one step inside made us feel like we were at a fancy campground rather than a typical B&B.

There is a small kitchenette, a gas BBQ, and a gas hot plate that was our go-to for fixing quick, simple breakfasts. There is even a playground on the premises for kids to enjoy while the adults soak in some peace.

The Buzzardy at Markyle: The Most Luxurious

Surrounded by a beautifully landscaped garden, lakes, and woodland, The Buzzardy at Markyle provides unmatched luxury and elegance.

The interior is brightly-lit; the two-bedroom property boasts all the modern amenities, including a fully functional kitchen, BBQ arrangement, and a sleek balcony at the front. 

The bathtub with a copper exterior was our favorite. We enjoyed the views of the private lakes that encircle the Treehouse from the patio at tea time.

The London Gatwick Airport is the closest one, located an hour away from the property.

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Bensfield Treehouse: Best Value for the Money

Bensfield Treehouse is the most stunning treehouse stay in the UK that will make you feel like you’re in a fairy cottage.

The property has a spacious circular area, a patio with cozy furniture, a gas BBQ, and a spacious sundeck. A drawstring bridge leads to the property with a relaxing woodland vibe.

We loved eating outside under the magnificent oak tree, enjoying views of the 40 acres of private farmland.

And if you need a break from the tranquility, which we doubt you will, you can explore Cafes, art galleries, stores, and eateries in the nearby villages.

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Full List of Treehouse Stay in the UK

Yeworthy Eco-friendly Treehouse

If you think the perfect romantic getaway is lodging at a treehouse hoisted above a lake, we have the perfect pick for you!

Located in Devon, the Yeworthy Eco-friendly Treehouse is a cozy one-bedroom retreat for couples. The place has a bright interior with rustic furniture and a log burner to keep the place nice and warm.

You would spend a low-key few days in this off-grid treehouse accommodation, considering that you will be cooking on a gas camping stove and enjoying your meals on their balcony overlooking the lake.

Another unique feature about booking this Treehouse is that you’re escorted to the lodging by the owners in a jeep. And it doesn’t end there – we had access to the jeep throughout our stay, which made exploring nearby recreational spots convenient.

Wolf Wood Treehouses

Wolf Wood Treehouses features three luxurious lodgings for couples in the middle of a 13-acre piece of woodland in a secluded valley just outside the charming Devon village.

Each Treehouse is made from locally grown trees using traditional timber building techniques. We loved waking up to the chirping and rustling leaves in the spacious bedroom with large windows looking out across the canopy.

The place also has a cozy sitting space with a wood-burning stove and a functional kitchen. The accommodation has a summerhouse vibe and boasts a hot tub on the deck surrounded by treetops.

Additional amenities include a fireplace, picnic area, and BBQ setup for the guests to enjoy freshly grilled meat in the wilderness.

The Treehouses at Lanrick

The Treehouses at Lanrick offers the perfect treehouse stay if you’re looking for a quaint hotel-style accommodation in the UK.

You can choose the Treecreeper Treehouse, Willow Warbler, or Nuthatch Treehouse, each boasting unique interior design features. The lodgings are nice and warm and boast a cozy interior.

You will be provided with all the essentials for fixing a hearty breakfast, including fresh local eggs, milk, and bread. You will also get complimentary instant coffee and access to BBQ facilities.

The sauna and plunge pool was idyllic, and we loved that the property was far enough from the bustling city yet offering lots to do on-site.

The location offers convenience to the guests to explore and hike around the Trossachs.

Treeopia Idyllic Treehouse Retreat

Perfect for celebrations, honeymoons, or weekend getaways, Treeopia Idyllic Treehouse Retreat features two award-winning luxury accommodations in the heart of England.

We were in awe of the location: the breathtaking landscape, hidden woodland, waterfalls, and lovely lakes offered the most stunning, peaceful ambiance.

Their treehouses, Vivianna and Eathelin, boast modern conveniences, including a fireplace, a functional kitchen, and a cozy seating space.

Majestically located beneath a large ash tree, Vivianna is ideal for special occasions. The opulent lodging overlooks a lake and waterfall and features a private hot tub for the guests to unwind.

Eathelin, on the other hand, is more secluded, offering an enchanting retreat to couples. You will be surrounded by beautiful natural scenery and wake up to the chirping of birds and the gentle splashing of the waterfall.

Trunkquillity Treehouse

Are you hesitant to book a treehouse stay in the UK because a wooden structure raised from the ground looks too unstable? The Tranquillity Treehouse is the perfect modern solution to your worries.

This Treehouse is custom-built as a modern architecturally planned house high in the treetops. You will enjoy an elite lifestyle with your small family.

However, if you’re planning a vacation with a larger group, the property offers additional lodging at a private luxury waterside lodge.

The hot tub, strategically located under the footprints of the property was our favorite feature.

And if you’re planning to arrive on site in a helicopter, the property boasts a helipad to help you park.

Treehouse Retreat

If you’re looking forward to booking a treehouse stay in the UK but are worried you won’t get the same amenities and pampering as hotels, we’ve got you covered!

Located around an hour away from the London Gatwick Airport, The Treehouse Retreat offers the ultimate hotel-like experience in a more natural setting than typical hotels.

They have four suites with navy blue accents throughout the rustic interior. You’ll have access to balconies offering stunning garden views, spa baths, flat-screen TVs, and all the modern amenities.

But none of these amenities compare to the on-site restaurant, which most treehouse stays don’t offer! The scrumptious British cuisine at Cowdray Cafe was, without a doubt, the highlight of our visit.

We loved that they offered complimentary bicycles to encourage exploring the stunning neighborhood.

Chiffchaff Treehouse

Offering stunning views of the Gargunnock Hills, Chiffchaff Treehouse is the ideal treetop paradise for people seeking a rural escape from their hectic lives.

You can get a one-bedroom retreat, perfect for couples, or a two-bedroom accommodation if you plan to take the kids along. You won’t have to worry about leaving your pets behind because the property welcomes those furry babies.

We loved the property’s woodland barn vibe, exquisite rustic décor, and lavish interior. But none of it compared to the outdoor bathtub; we were sold over the view of the parkland and hills.

And there are loads to do on-site. Enjoying fresh barbecues with a view and hiking are worthwhile experiences, but the dining scene nearby is also worth exploring.

Cherry Treehouse with Hot Tub and Sauna

Cherry Treehouse with Hot Tub and Sauna is another stunning treetop haven if you plan to take your furry babies along on your getaway.

Located in the heart of Snowdonia Nature, the accommodation looks like a magnificent, cozy retreat in the winter when the surroundings are covered in snow. On the inside, the lodging is an entirely unfiltered, raw wood interior with comfy, minimalist furniture.

But their log-fired hot tub is the real deal! You will get addicted to seeing the stunning Welsh mountains while enjoying a relaxing soak.

And we spent an unusual amount of time in their log-fired sauna, which features a glass front and fantastic woodland views.

Harvest Moon Holidays

Enjoying a beach vacation while staying in a treehouse lodging may sound far-fetched, but it’s possible to choose Harvest Moon Holidays as your Treehouse stays in the UK!

Although you’ll be close to the Beach, the treehouses’ location on the Lochhouses Farm will offer a fair share of greenery. And the treehouses are well-spaced, so even though we weren’t the only ones around, we still had plenty of space to ourselves.

We loved the glamping experience in the warm, cozy Treehouse, and the activities in the communal space were equally fun. You can toast marshmallows on the firepit, BBQ, laze in the hammock, or enjoy peaceful walks along the Beach or on the woodlands on the backside of the treehouse units.

The Hudnalls Hideout

Treehouses aren’t fancy enough, one might think! But one look at the Hudnalls Hideout is enough to change this notion!

Located in the stunning Wye Valley, this adults-only accommodation offers guests a unique experience.

You can get addicted to spending chill evenings on their hammock, so swing at your own risk.

Their outdoor bathtub was our favorite, but other visitors debated liking their outdoor dining area with a fire pit, wood fire oven, and BBQ setup in the comments.

And while beauty comes at a price, this one comes with restrictions. If you book this Treehouse for your getaway, you will have to arrange for your fur and human babies somewhere else and keep your shoes off.

Trewalter Treehouse

Who said treehouses can’t be luxurious? The Trewalter Treehouse is breaking the stereotypes by offering a castle-inspired treehouse cabin in the UK.

The lodging’s exterior made us feel like royalty before we even stepped inside. They have a small drawstring bridge leading to a sundeck just above a pond, which was our favorite place on the property.

The interior offers the best of both worlds: the living room has proper walls and modern furniture, while the bedroom has wood-paneled walls with oak touch lights and a handcrafted ceiling.

There is also a wood-fired hot tub outside on the terrace and a swinging bench outside from where you can enjoy fascinating views of the neighboring hills.

Lost Meadow Treepod at Wildish Cornwall

Why book a typical treehouse stay in the UK when you can lodge at a tripod instead?

The Lost Meadow Treepod at Wildish Cornwall is a unique take on a treehouse and features all the amenities necessary for a comfortable stay.

The interior is nothing fancy, but that wasn’t an issue for us, considering we spent a huge chunk of our time appreciating the outdoors.

The property offered stunning river views, and we had access to a garden with outdoor furniture and a BBQ setup.

We suggest you explore the dining scene nearby; the food at Trevenna Farmhouse restaurant and The London Inn cafe was heavenly. You can also go golfing at the Looe Golf Club, located around 20 minutes from the treehouse rental.

Hoots Treehouse Mayfield

Wonderfully decorated inside and out, Hoots Treehouse in Mayfield offers a lavish retreat to couples in the UK.

The accommodation is exquisitely decorated and is the perfect romantic getaway, around two hours from London. And the pleasant fragrance of cedar wood enhanced the romantic vibe.

The property has windows on every corner, though ironically, the circular Treehouse lacks corners, so you can take in the stunning views of High Weald.

Though this picture-perfect accommodation is ideally suited for two adults, you can also fit two kids in the loft area if you’re planning a family getaway.

Blackberry Wood

We have reviewed enough romantic, fairytale treehouses in our list – this lodging is for people who don’t want a picture-perfect accommodation! 

The Blackberry Wood is the most crooked, perfectly imperfect Treehouse you’ll find in the UK.

On the outside, the property gives the impression of a witch’s lair, and the inside is no different.

There are two such treetops on the property, accommodating up to four people.

It offers the perfect ambiance to watch horror movies and share Grimm fairy tales with friends and family.

Skapya Treehouse with Private Hot Tub

Skapya Treehouse with Private Hot Tub is a magnificent yet cozy one-bedroom accommodation along the Helford River in the village of Gweek.

The curved treehouse stay features a bright and modern interior, a private hot tub, a balcony, and a garden. The property also has a picnic area and offers a BBQ setup to the guests.

We loved that there were no TVs because it gave us the time to go through the vintage record player and the board games and book collection at the lodging.

Waking up to a woodland beneath the Cornish skies was an unmatched experience, and enjoying a stroll along the riverside was almost addicting.


  • Are Treehouse stay in the UK safe to lodge in?

    Of course, they are! And we have paid special consideration to including only those treehouse accommodations in our list that offer the most comfort, and the best value for the price.

  • Can we find a treehouse in the UK with hot tubs?

    Of course you can! Here are our top picks for Treehouse stays in the UK with hot tubs:

    • Cherry Treehouse with Hot Tub and Sauna
    • Skapya Treehouse with Private Hot Tub
    • Trewalter Treehouse
    • Trunkquillity Treehouse

  • Which is the most elegant treehouse accommodation in the UK?

    Although all the treehouse rentals in this list have their features, Trunkquillity Treehouse, Chiffchaff Treehouse, and Hoots Treehouse Mayfield have the most elegant interior and exteriors.