Best glamping sites in the UK

Are you looking for a unique camping experience in a peaceful setting, but with all the modern commodities of a home? 

Look no further! We made a list of all the best glamping sites in every part of the UK. Check it out and start planning your next adventure!

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Glamping with hot tubs in the UK in 2023

Below you can find our hand-picked lists of glamping pods, safari tents, yurts, and lodges, all with private hot tubs, across the UK. Simply choose your destination and start packing for your hot tub break in no time!

Glamping with hot tub in England

Glamping holidays in the UK

For those still on the fence about glamping and spending their holidays in nature, we advise you to give it a try. Hotels and apartments in the city are great for an urban break, but if you wish to relax, mind and soul, and breathe in some fresh air, away from all the noise, it’s time to go rural!

If you like to spend time outdoors and explore the vast and diverse countryside, beaches, and mountains of the United Kingdom, glamping allows exactly that and combines it with all the commodities of the modern retreat. There is a whole spectrum of glamping accommodations, so you can find something that suits your preferences.

So give it a go and experience an adventure in nature with your loved ones, spend some quality time together without the everyday distractions, create unique memories and new traditions, and reconnect with yourself in a peaceful setting.

How do I book a glamping site in the UK

Firstly, choose a destination from the ones mentioned above. A hand-picked list of the best glamping sites in the area will appear.  You simply go through it, check out the images and the descriptions, and find something you like.

Then, simply click on the “more information” tab, and it will redirect you to the booking site with the best offer. And from there you follow the instructions provided by the booking agency and fill out the necessary information to complete the process.

If the glamping option you chose is not available on your selected dates, try booking a different accommodation from our list or change the dates of your stay. 

Highland Premier Glamping Pods with hot tub in highlands